Ventura by David James Architects and Associates

Ventura by David James Architects and Associates

Architects: David James Architects and Associates
Location: Dorset, England
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Alex Campbell Photography and David James Architects & Associates

David James Architects and Associates Ltd were named by Husen Developments Ltd to plan this sumptuous family home on a testing site with differing ground levels. The site being referred to confronts southwest on a lofty incline with perspectives towards Poole harbor from the first and second floors. The region of Evening slope is set inside of the ward of Poole, Dorset and inside of close vicinity of pleasant shorelines.


Vast territories of glass make full point of preference of these perspectives, whilst a streaming association with the ground floor patio nursery is kept up. There is adequate living space, four liberal ensuite rooms, a fundamental twofold carport, home film and a different study. The zenith is the sunroom on the third floor with 180-degree perspectives and a streaming indoor-open air patio.


This house has an astounding road vicinity improved by its siting on the slant, the utilization of a differences of textured materials and bended structures. The house becomes out of the site with two vertical configuration includes; a barrel shaped rendered structure compared against a vertical stonewall. Set against the verticality of these two structures the house grows on a level plane with solid dark aluminum lines characterizing the ground and first floor convenience.


Ventura has various intense elements. The passage is set with a vertical stonewall that sits parallel to a bended designed inner stairwell. This staircase frames an element molded structure on the hub of the house with a triple tallness formed bended shape, reminiscent of a seashell. The outer landing highlight of a characteristic stonewall is conveyed into the formal lounge with a consistent move from outside to inside through a story to roof coated divider. The formal front room feels as though it sits inside of the patio nursery furthermore has bended sliding entryways encouraging 180-degree sees.


House Ventura sold in record time surpassing past deals values in the zone. The outline has genuinely profited by the best components of the site and gives an uncommon living background.

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