Euryalus Street House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Euryalus Street House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Architects: Luigi Rosselli Architects
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Photos: Justin Alexander

Euryalus House is another 2 story staying with a swimming pool, carport and finishing. The arrangement of this house has two unmistakable wings and a tight association between the two. The association contains a straightforward stainless steel and glass stair suspended over an inside/outside lake and is washed by rich light from a bay window above.

Euralyus-House-01The bigger wing is rectangular and judiciously arranged, the shorter wing is the all the more unpredictably molded bended area of the house. The front and back veneers are all around mannered and incorporate the carport and pool mlessly, having a positive effect to its neighborhood.


With its northerly lifted area, it exploits the cooling north easterly breezes, and great sun powered access. The house is not aerated and cooled and is intended to keep cool in summer with sufficient shade controlled normal lighting and ventilation, and has two generous water tanks for watering system, can reservoirs and pool top-up use.


This home varies from its neighbors in that the carport is completely incorporated with the lower floor dividers and is under promoted. It makes light of the effect of the carport and doesn’t permit the house to “turn its back” on the general population domain as is so frequently the case.


Euralyus-House-05-1 Euralyus-House-05 Euralyus-House-06 Euralyus-House-07 Euralyus-House-08 Euralyus-House-09 Euralyus-House-10 Euralyus-House-11 Euralyus-House-21 Euralyus-House-22

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