Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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We share a wide range of unique apartment design ideas from architects and designers based all over the world.

From tiny apartments in New York to lofts and exclusive penthouses in London, we have a wide range or designs.

We share hundreds of apartment designs that could help you rethink and develop your future dream apartment.

From the imposing New York penthouses, to victorian London cribs and all the way to impressive Russian lofts and Asian minimalistic designs, prepare to enjoy a variety of styles and surprising design solutions or: enjoy your virtual tour of the best apartments in the world!

When we start our journey in life we usually afford only a small apartment, let it be a nice one! Search in this projects and find out what makes you happy and make it real.

Most of the people don’t afford a big house and most of us live in an apartment with maximum 3 rooms. Maybe most of the people live in an apartment! that is why you should definitely stop and search for several of our apartment projects.

You don’t have to make huge investments in the apartment design to look new or modern. In most of the cases you should repaint the walls or buy a new carpet, flower or painting. Looking yourself for some inspiration is very important also when you contact and home designer. Viewing several projects could create an opinion regarding what you want or don’t want in your apartment.

” As Miss America, my goal is to bring peace to the entire world and then get my own apartment.” – Jay Leno