MM House by Studio ro+ca

MM House by Studio ro+ca

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Year: 2014
Area: 1,292 sqft
Photo courtesy: Studio ro+ca

The apartment of this young man at the 30s, it is located in the heart of Ipanema, a rich neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The starting point and the main idea for the development of the project was create a space, where the owner could invite your friends and give a lot of parties, in a space of 120 square meters (1,292 square feet).


From the beginning, we wanted to give a contemporary, modern and urban air in this house. A young New Yorker style, “high low”. All, is about concrete! It is prevalent throughout the project, being present on the walls, floor and ceiling. We left the structural “French hand” (diagonally structure), which divides the kitchen área. This well strengthens the overall concept.


A large concrete bench is part of the living room composition. Sometimes it can be used like this, and others, such as sideboard for objects and pictures. Toward the gray, we have two strengths colors point: a pink sofa and an yellow door, that give access to the service area.


Another interesting point, is the access to the guest room, which is made by a black metal rolling door , as shopping streets. This can be easily winded up, integrating the spaces. Regarding natural coatings, we use some raw materials such as “Stone Wood” (Brazilian and inexpensive type) on the walls that divide the living room área, the suite and bathrooms.


The large kitchen stand we used a black Brazilian stone, “San Gabriel”, with polished finish. In the toilet, the sink was modeled in concrete and the part inside was covered in San Gabriel gross stone. Also in the lavatory, with the displacement of the wall during the work, we let a copper pipe, an originalone of the building, apparent.


In the master bathroom, the stand and the sink were shaped in a white marble “nanoglass”, a chemical compound made by dust marble. In the master suite, a large closet with 3 mirrored doors was placed facing the bed. In the central door, have a built-in TV that slides along the sliding door. The headboard in dark blue linen, goes throughout the room. The whole apartment is controlled and automated by a system via Ipad.

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