How To Protect Your Roof From Hail Damage

How To Protect Your Roof From Hail Damage

For many homeowners, roof damage is one of the issues they dread the most. Although the roof is specially structured to protect your home from various weather conditions, it can still sustain damage—especially when hail is present.

A damaged roof will likely create a leak. When a leak is present, it can damage your house’s attic and ceiling, contributing to the development of mold and later on compromise the overall integrity of your home. Although various elements can result in roof damage, wind and hail are usually the main causes.

The combination of wind and hail can be devastating. Strong winds can cause tree limbs and other flying debris to hit the roof and break the shingles. In areas where hail storms occur, the solidified rain can damage the roof. Even miniature chunks of hailstones can cause indentations on the roof’s surface that could worsen over time. Luckily, there are steps to lessen the impact of both hail and wind.


A Close Look At Hail Damage

Hail damage occurs on your roof during a severe hail storm. When pieces of ice fall on the shingles on your roof at high speeds, it can result in physical damage to different sections of the roof, weakening its structural integrity over time.

Hailstones can cause bruising and cracking in the shingles, leading to the coating’s degranulation and revealing the underlying fiberglass to weather elements. It can lead to various issues as rain and hailstones can easily penetrate the roof shingles’ underlying layers.

In severe hail storms, larger hailstones might damage the protective mat below the shingle tiles, which prevents water from leaking into your house. Once this protective layer sustains damage, it will allow water to seep into the attic and the interior of your home over time.

Due to the random and scattered nature of hail damage, it often requires replacing the entire roof. A roof replacement is costly, and unlike repairs, a replacement would require professional roofing specialists that can be trusted to do the job. If you need these kinds of services in your area, you can type in Roof Alexandria in a search if you are from Alexandria, Virginia—for example.

How To Protect Your Roof From Hail Damage

Essential Measures To Protect Your Roof From Hail 

If you want to keep your home safe and structurally sound, you can take some of the steps below that can help protect your roof or at least minimize the damage when a hail storm occurs.

Proper Roof Maintenance And Care

As part of regular roof maintenance, check if there are any missing or cracked shingles, or if the roof structure is on the verge of collapsing. Remember that when strong winds and hail are present, it can worsen the already dire condition of your roof. Although it’s crucial to consult a professional to inspect the roof after a storm, do not overlook the need to schedule regular inspections to check for any damage.

A professional will let you know if preventive measures are necessary. Remember that even minor issues will make your roof vulnerable. The older your roof is, the more likely it is prone to damages. Some of the signs of deterioration include warping, unsealed shingles, and curling.

You must also inspect the ceiling of your attic for signs of water damage. Some of the things you must watch out for are the formation of molds, dark stains, streaks, mildew, and excessive humidity. Molds and mildew can put your family’s health at risk, so be proactive and always keep an eye out for these things.

Invest In Hail-Resistant Roof

In case it’s time for a new roof, it might be best to invest in a roof that can endure hail storms and other severe weather conditions. Although these durable roofing materials might come at a higher price, consider them as an excellent investment to avoid future damage from incoming storms.

Some shingles can endure varying wind speeds and even withstand the impact of hailstones. These shingles can be made from resin, plastic, aluminum, and copper. However, these options can be costly. In case you cannot afford these products, you can choose modified asphalt shingles as an affordable alternative.

Window Safety

Aside from the roof, windows are also at risk of great damage during a hail storm. Large ice particles can break window panes which would later need replacing. If there is an incoming hail storm in your area, do not delay taking precautions. In case your windows have shutters, make sure to close them. Do not forget to close shades, blinds, and curtains inside the house since these coverings can prevent broken glass from entering your home.


Final Word

The damage caused by hailstones on your roof will worsen over time. Hence, it’s important to take precautions and perform regular checks to make sure that any small damage is quickly attended to. And for those who need a long-term solution to hail damage, installing hail-resistant roofing is always an option.

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