7 Signs You Need A New Roof

7 Signs You Need A New Roof

Our roofs may be covering the whole of your home, but few of us regularly check them for faults and defects – and they aren’t as sturdy as we like to think.

Recognizing early on that your roof may need repair will save you a lot of money when it comes to getting it fixed. What’s more, a faulty or deteriorating roof will greatly decrease the value of your house when you come to sell it, so it’s in your best interest to make sure it’s in the best condition.

It is recommended that you do two thorough roof inspections a year – one in the spring and one in the fall. However, having a glance every day is preferable.

To conduct a roof inspection, you should first do an interior check and assess your roof from the inside of your home. Things you should look for include:

  1. Sagging

Sagging is a sign of structural damage, which if left untreated can cause your roof to collapse, setting you back thousands of dollars. Sagging occurs from an over-exposure to water and moisture, or from faulty materials and installation. It can also be caused by a large amount of snow weighing down on the roof and causing it to dip.

To identify this problem, take a flashlight into the attic and look to see if the roof follows a straight line. If you notice a sag anywhere in the line, call a professional.

You can prevent sagging by investing in high-quality materials and installation and by regularly clearing it of rainwater and snow.

  1. Dark spots

Dark spots can indicate that water is seeping through holes and cracks in the roof. You may have found dark spots in your home before and concluded that they were caused by damp, but don’t be too quick to assume, as it could be a sign of water damage.

Not identifying leaking and water damage early on could result in you having to get a whole new roof installed, which is costly. Even the smallest marks could mean something more serious, so be meticulous.

  1. Sunlight coming through your roof

Sunlight poking through your roof is the most obvious sign that your roof isn’t doing its job and needs urgent repairing. To check for this problem, it’s best to go into the attic in the evening – when it is dark enough inside the house with the light off but light enough to see sun spots – and look for cracks and gaps.

Once you have completed the interior check, go outside in the daylight and check for:

  1. Loose roof tiles

Loose tiles can indicate that your roof may cave in, so from a high point (perhaps on a ladder) look at the positioning of your tiles. They should be uniform and in a straight line, and if there are tiles that look wonky or out-of-place, you should act fast to fix the problem before replacing the entire roof becomes your only option.

  1. Mold and moss

When mold and moss grow on the roof, it can be powerful enough to push tiles apart, which can lead to tiles becoming loose. Be sure to have a look for signs of rotting, and if you have large problem areas you may have to replace your roof.

  1. Debris in gutters

It can be hard to notice when your roof is deteriorating, but luckily your gutter will catch any debris that has come loose. So, when you’re cleaning out your gutters, look amongst the leaves for broken pieces of asphalt and granules. If you notice a problem, endeavor to get your tiles and their protective coating replaced.

  1. The age of your roof

The lifespan of your roof depends on the materials used; the layers of shingles; whether you live experience a lot of extreme weather; and most importantly, its age.

If you suspect your roof hasn’t been replaced in over 20 years, you should get it looked at by professionals like these Roofing Vancouver WA to determine its condition and your options going forward.

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