High-Tech Modern Villa for an engineer designed by Eppler + Bühler

High-Tech Modern Villa for an engineer designed by Eppler + Bühler

Architects: Eppler + Bühler
Location: Germany
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Eppler + Bühler

“In the fields where he once played as a child, an engineer has built a house entirely to his own taste. His enthusiasm for technology and engineering is reflected in the unusual form of this purpose built home as well as in the selection of materials and its equipment with state-of-the-art building technology.


The result is an architectural expression of the client’s attitude to life in a high-tech format.Originally, he dreamed of a traditional house in a rural setting: in the typical regional style, perhaps a country cottage. As a result of many years professional collaboration with the architect Harald Eppler from the Eppler + Bühler architectural practice, the client was infected by Eppler’s enthusiasm for timeless, modern architecture.


Ideas for the house ripened over a period of five years – the client and architect jointly planned, considered, discarded and decided. After two years’ construction, the result has little in common with the client’s original ideas – but all the more so with his personality.”

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