RS Apartment in Rio de Janeiro

Architects:Studio Arthur Casas
Location: Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Category: Apartment Interiors
Lead Architect: Arthur Casas
Area: 520.0 m2
Photographs: Filippo Bamberghi
Manufacturers: Andrew Neyer, Cassina Usa, Casas Edições, Casual Exteriores, Studio Objeto, Phenícia, Micasa, Arquivo Contemporâneo, Tora Brasil, Flexform, Way Design, Lumini, -, Nani Chinellato, Belcolore, Etel, Herança Cultural, Casual Interiores


The RS Apartment, surrounded by a 360º view of the Ipanema beach, is a project that matches customer demand: a place where the owner family could go to spend some seasons and receive their friends in Rio de Janeiro. 520m² floor plan was fully adapted so that most of the rooms – five suites, the integrated living, dining and home area and the service area – could all be located around the perimeter of the apartment. As the entrance is placed in the central portion of the plant, the rooms are distributed in a way to fill the outline, thus being placed on the facade – which offers a privileged sight.

A minimalist aesthetic prevails at the spaces – as well as a cozy, friendly and full of life atmosphere. This situation is provided by a furniture arrangement that mixes national and international choices – some of them designed by Arthur Casas, such as Amorfa table, Belly lampshade, and Willy’s sideboard. In addition, a soft palette, Travertine Navona stone flooring, and metal masonry predominate in the living room – although the ceramics, the Delfino armchair, and the Carlito Carvalhosa’s painting offer a touch of blue within the neutral colors. Meanwhile, in the rooms, a light oak option brings warmth.


Even though they don’t actually live in the place, there is a successful attempt to manage both individuality of intimate areas and greatness of the living room (the ideal area to gather their guests). The solution found is a long and discreet sliding door, which provides intimacy when closed and width when opened. The same solution is applied to the couple’s room: the suite can be expanded if there is an intention to unify the rooms. The harmony between the concepts of all areas merges in the enhancement of the view, the natural landscape of Rio de Janeiro – essential condition always highlighted by this project.


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