How to get a residential visa for the real estate purchase in Palm Jumeirah

How to get a residential visa for the real estate purchase in Palm Jumeirah 

According to the legislation of the UAE, a residential visa allows foreigners to live in the country for up to 10 years. Moreover, the issued visa may be renewed an unlimited number of times, and a foreigner has the opportunity to be a resident of the Emirates for life.

A two-year resident visa of the Emirates is issued for purchasing real estate in Dubai worth 205,000 dollars. The property owner can arrange residency for his family, open a bank account and enjoy other benefits of living in the Emirates. Villas and apartments in Palm Jumeirah for expats represent the perfect options for getting an opportunity to live legally in Dubai for a long period. 

1. Residential visa in the UAE 

Generally speaking, the government of the UAE does not provide such concepts as a residency; instead, foreigners have the right to reside in the country as a resident through a residence visa.

A resident visa of the Emirates is issued for 6 months to 10 years. However, a foreigner has the right to extend it. If desired, emigrants can live in the UAE for a very long time.

2. Reasons to apply for a residential visa in the UAE

A residential visa in the UAE is a beneficial document that provides a vast number of important advantages. As a resident of the UAE, you have the right to: 

– stay in the country for a long time;

– enter and exit the country freely;

– do not reside in the country permanently;

– open a bank account and take a loan;

– obtain a tax resident status in the UAE;

– conduct their own business in the Emirates;

– work in local companies;

– send their children to local schools;

– study at the university;

– obtain health insurance and health care services;

– obtain a driving license;

– apply for a Schengen visa and a U.S. visa.

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3. Ways of getting a residential visa in the UAE 

To obtain a residential visa in the UAE, a foreigner can use one of the following ways. 

– Applying for an official job in the UAE company

– Enter the university or any other educational establishment in the UAE 

– Registering a startup in a free zone in Dubai 

– Investing in real estate in Dubai of more than $205,000

– Investing in the economy of the country a huge sum of money 

– Having a sufficient income from a freelance

 4. Palm Jumeirah as a neighborhood for investments 

Palm Jumeirah offers a wide range of properties from some of the world’s finest developers, far from the bustling pandemonium. Moving to the island gives people access to a peaceful life in a home with a modern design and a gated community of celebrities and successful entrepreneurs. That’s why not only lovers of luxury come here but also those who want to make useful acquaintances.

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5. Purchase of real estate on Palm Jumeirah 

A palm-shaped development is an island with 16 branches. It provides excellent infrastructure, many residential buildings, and entertainment centers. You can buy a luxury villa or a spacious apartment with access to its beach at the palm tree branches.

In this area, foreigners mostly buy villas and townhouses with private beaches. Therefore, this is a place for true connoisseurs of peace and relaxation, one of the most popular places to stay.

To find a suitable property, a buyer should visit the website Professional real estate agents can provide stylish property in Palm Jumeirah and give detailed information. 

The results 

Apartments in Palm Jumeirah in the emirate of Dubai are a standard of living that only successful people can afford. Palm Jumeirah, created mainly as an area for leisure and family living, features a fully prepared infrastructure. As a result, an island is an outstanding place for extravagant life full of luxury and style. The best housing units are waiting for the buyers in the real estate agency AX Capital. High-quality infrastructure and an exceptional level of life make the neighborhood an ideal destination for permanent stay and building a successful career. 

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