Casas del XVI in Santo Domingo by Alejandro Marranzini

Casas del XVI in Santo Domingo by Alejandro Marranzini

Architects: Alejandro Marranzini
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Photo courtesy: Harold Lambertus

Nestled in the heart of the oldest city in the New World, Santo Domingo’s Ciudad Colonial, the houses that make up Casas del XVI offer travelers the chance to step back in time to experience the vibrant culture, romantic architecture and stunning monuments born of the Spanish Colonial era. The hotel preserves the beauty of the colonial houses that make up the old town neighborhood, offering guests accommodations in individual houses each dating back to the earliest European settlers.


The hotel will open with two houses in March 2014, and will eventually expand to encompass a collection of 20 homes in the colonial quarter. Sprinkled across a two-block area, the iconic houses were originally built in the Spanish Colonial era with classic roman roofs and brick arches remaining intact today. With a focus on both preserving the original architecture and also celebrating the vibrant Dominican culture, the interior of each house is decorated according to a theme relating to Dominican culture and Spanish Colonial history.


Featuring an eclectic mix of ancient artifacts, local artwork and handcrafted furniture, the cozy home interior enchants guests with its colonial charm. A butler in each house tends to guests every need, allowing for an unforgettable experience of historic luxury.

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