Xieira House II by A2 + Arquitectos

Xieira House II by A2 + Arquitectos

Architects: A2 + Arquitectos
Location: Caranguejeira, Portugal
Area: 3,770 sqft 
Photo courtesy: FG+SG

Actualized in a slim parcel from north to south, the venture conceived with the point of building a home with a solitary floor. The typology was characterized by best daylight, as this is one of the wealthiest of this Mediterranean nation. So all rooms are situated toward the east, the lounge (put more lasting) to south, the kitchen to west and carport to north where the usefulness is the advantageous interaction of the venture.


The expert connection of the proprietor to the ranger service division, drove us to search for wellsprings of motivation in the area. We are in the west of the nation, close to the city of Leiria that is recognized by lumberjacks and legendary woodlands (made by King D. Dinis with a specific end goal to shield the city from dust storms from the winds off the Atlantic sea) this was the defining moment of the venture which permitted us to exploit customary formwork pine sheets utilized as a part of the solid in sight dividers at center dividers of the house.


The straightforwardness of the venture s communicated by bending volumes, plainly making a yard passage that demonstrates marginally person on foot access to the primary passageway of the house. These signs are given to the eyewitness by curvilinear states of the solid in sight dividers.


As the wellspring of motivation utilized, the undertaking came about because of a consistent transformation of the advanced, moderate, delicate and customary, crude, lavish. Accordingly were connected components, for example, harsh wood formwork of the in sight concrete and the making of curvilinear and cutting edge shapes, between the dark shading in the solid and the customary white mortar, between veneers of dark shale and Portuguese walkway, between the gigantic scale volumes and dainty sun ensure folds or the since quite a while ago coated windows.


As a consequence of this activity was made a typology of family abiding, this task particular itself from the others by their tactfully intense vicinity without never preventing the profound roots from claiming their way of life.


Xieira-House-II-00-5 Xieira-House-II-00-6 Xieira-House-II-00 Xieira-House-II-01 Xieira-House-II-02 Xieira-House-II-03 Xieira-House-II-04-1 Xieira-House-II-04 Xieira-House-II-05 Xieira-House-II-06 Xieira-House-II-07-1 Xieira-House-II-07-2 Xieira-House-II-07 Xieira-House-II-08 Xieira-House-II-09 Xieira-House-II-10 Xieira-House-II-11 Xieira-House-II-12 Xieira-House-II-13 Xieira-House-II-14-1 Xieira-House-II-14 Xieira-House-II-15 Xieira-House-II-16 Xieira-House-II-17 Xieira-House-II-18 Xieira-House-II-19 Xieira-House-II-20 Xieira-House-II-21 Xieira-House-II-22 Xieira-House-II-23 Xieira-House-II-31 Xieira-House-II-32 Xieira-House-II-33

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