X-House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

X-House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Architects: Cadaval & Solà-Morales
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Santiago Garces, Sandra PereznietoIwan Baan

The X House task means to tackle by the meaning of a framework, dialect, or even through an one of a kind shape, various request that ascent up when we read the particular given site: how to secure and offer protagonism to an amazing pine, that is situated on the highest point of the site, and that makes access and guess to the house to a great degree complex from the road; how to abstain from settling on the perspectives to the and those to the mountains, and permit both dreams in inverse bearings; how to kill through structure the vicinity of the coterminous developments, to develop a fake segregation that denies the neighbors;


Step by step instructions to twofold the primary perspectives, allowing quality frontal perspectives from the front and the house’s back; how to determine such a large number of a cloisters with a straightforward development that responses to the greater part of the past points without organizing nor expressly defining a reaction to any of them. The structure, an exceptional structure, is the consequence of a long procedure of rch of individual responses to each of those difficulties; consequently, the structure is not a from the earlier, but rather a push to give a unitary reaction that fulfills each of the inquiries rose up in the configuration process.


The X House is additionally a helpful investigation: a system consistently utilized for the infrastructural development, for example, extensions and passages, is here created to meet the structural scale, meaning to consolidate effectiveness, and diminishment of expenses to the development. The utilization of a blended procedure in light of the use of a high-thickness cement permits anticipating the material at a high weight to a solitary sided formwork, and to get high basic resistance in to a great degree brief timeframes.


Therefore, it is conceivable to extend ceaseless 6m high dividers without the need to utilize a two-sided formwork (which would be the customary development technique). The house is accordingly a living articulation of the particular strategy, and aggregates in its skin the differing and consistent learning procured inside of the procedure of development.


The house is situated on the upper piece of a slope in Cabrils, in the edges of Barcelona. The site, with astounding perspectives and an essential slant, is gotten to from a solitary road situated at the highest point of the site. The house’s area inside of the site reacts to the mean to minimize exhuming and improve, inside of conceivable, the utilization of the non-involved area. The entrance to the house is two meters discouraged from the road, and the undertaking rches to identify the utilization of clear dividers the longing to be moored in the site and to vanish from the road; the task obviously organizes the façades and perspectives directing the valley.


The house has two stories. The top floor, past joining a stopping and permitting the entrance to the house, is imagined as a private suite of the proprietors: principle room, with dresser and washroom/can, and extensive studio. In the lower floor there is a reasonable qualification between the front and the house’s back; the front part has a completely transparent nature, develop with a living range in a twofold high space by a kitchen-lounge area explained around a critical marble table, 8m long. The back piece of the lower floor holds the rooms and administration territories, which through the porches are given immediate and secured perspectives to the valley, the and the mountain.


Essentially, the X’s venture House uses structure to qualify spaces of altogether different nature and give them an individual character, continually fusing scene as a principle on-screen character. Past the compelling spatial game plan at the house’s front, the perspectives are the hero in every space. What’s more, gaining from Dan Graham’s appearance, the picture of the is constantly present when watching the mountain, and the mountain shows up as a reflection when taking a gander at the : a discerning quality that enhances the house’s experience.

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