Washington Park Hilltop Residence by Stuart Silk Architects

Washington Park Hilltop Residence by Stuart Silk Architects

Architects: Stuart Silk Architects
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Rob Perry Photography

Water is a subject, analogy, and steady physical vicinity in this house set on a feign sitting above Lake Washington.Views of the limitless lake, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades managed the introduction and straightforwardness of the height confronting the water.


An arrangement then advanced to incorporate water highlights into the home, to be experienced from all around.

washington-park-02-1An unequal-sided “H” plan puts the section, living and feasting ranges in a focal structure, while flanking wings contain the family’s private rooms.The entries to the wings are compacted between delicately moving water courses motivated by the trenches of Suzhou and Venice.

washington-park-02These serve not just as ever-present indications of the excellence of water, additionally the way of entry through life as one explores over the home’s inside and outside spaces.The arrangement of the waterways likewise centers the building’s introduction toward the perspectives.

washington-park-03The house’s temperament is unobtrusively contemporary. The customers looked for a nature of structural engineering that would outlast passing patterns. They were additionally imperatively worried with the home’s supportability; the planners consolidated numerous choices that add to the ventures toughness and effectiveness.


A few illustrations incorporate a green rooftop, dark water accumulation framework, and sun based boards for water warming.


In spite of the fact that the building is geometrically straightforward, it offers a rich juxtaposition of strength, straightforwardness, and fluid development.


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