Elysium 154 House by BVN Architecture

Elysium 154 House by BVN Architecture

Architects: BVN Architecture
Location: Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Photos:  Christopher Frederick Jones

The Elysium 154, Noosa venture is a private advancement for the last sub-division inside of the exceedingly wanted Noosa Heads postcode. The extensive site comprising of 189 house assignments, collective relaxation offices (tennis courts, wellbeing spa, amphibian offices) parkland and nature stores is found inland from the Noosa coastline contiguous Lake Weyba.

Elysium-154-00The undulating, pleasant scene of the site holds unlimited pockets of existing vegetation and is managed far off perspectives to the Sunshine Coast hinterland past.


This house appreciates a genuinely superb site, which inclines delicately from the road on the south toward a little stop and open space toward the north. The delicately, clearing, bended dividers and structures which distinguish this house are produced by an instinctive reaction to accomplish both the north-east angle and perspectives toward the northern parkland regions.


The outside textured wall finishes fold once again into the inside of the home along dividers and roofs where carefully detailed edges and moves with smooth inner dividers permit the edge in the middle of all around to be mutilated. Drawing the outer patio nursery and pool spaces into the building has opened up the feeling of subtropical extravagance.

Elysium-154-03 Elysium-154-05 Elysium-154-06 Elysium-154-07 Elysium-154-08 Elysium-154-09 Elysium-154-10 Elysium-154-11 Elysium-154-12 Elysium-154-13 Elysium-154-14 Elysium-154-15

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