Arco Iris House by Marlene Uldschmidt Architects

Arco Iris House by Marlene Uldschmidt Architects

Architects: Marlene Uldschmidt Architects
Location: Algarve, Portugal
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Marlene Uldschmidt Architects

Arco Iris house is a task which redesigns a 1990s manufactured disengaged manor found neighboring a fairway in the Algarve.


The idea determined the utilization of white marble, run of the mill of Portuguese construction modeling amid the previous century. The utilization of the same material on the greater part of the inward and outside surface zones makes an aggregate sentiment ease and tastefulness which add to the feeling of light and space. The compositional dull timber staircase gives a designed connection in the middle of levels and is lit from above by an expansive sky facing window. Ultramarino outlined the “white idea” for the entire inside, including the kitchen and washroom components.


The greenery enclosures were arranged and highlight a wandering way which drives you on a delicate trip nearby an assortment of set up palm and olive trees.

Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-03 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-04 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-06 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-07 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-08 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-09 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-10 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-11 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-12 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-13 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-14 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-15 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-16 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-17 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-18 Arco-Iris-House-by-Marlene-Uldschmidt-Architects-19

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