Jodie’s House set on a dramatic steeply sloping site with views over the beach by Casey Brown Architects

Jodie’s House set on a dramatic steeply sloping site with views over the beach by Casey Brown Architects

Architects: Casey Brown Architects
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Stuart Scott, Greg Haremza

Jodie’s House on Sydney Harbor is arranged on a sensational steeply inclining site with north-easterly perspectives over the shoreline and the water past. The geology brought about the building being explained as a progression of structures. Unpredictably connected they course from the highest point of the site towards the shore. Associations between these levels are both unpredictable and unpretentious, giving both a feeling of trip and revelation as you move all through the house.


The geology of the site additionally enlivened the materiality of the house itself, with cutaways uncovering dividers of cut sandstone, appearing differently in relation to close white off-structure concrete. Extra differentiation and warmth is presented through the reused spotted gum roofs and flooring and rosy chestnut tones of the copper material, which in the truth will surface eventually to a rich blue-green.


As you look down from the upper structures towards the shoreline the roofscape of the lower pavillions turns into a part of the perspective. These surfaces have been dealt with as a figure, the fragile copper has been turned into upturned planes going about as rooftop lights and clerestory windows to the lower levels. With this constant band of more elevated amount windows the home’s light and ventilation needs are all around accommodated, while not trading off visual protection from the contiguous neighbors.


In the city, the house is both humble and liberal. Section is by means of a raised scaffold that opens onto a north-bound survey stage which exhibits the shoreline and bushland past. A twisting liberally proportioned stair slides to the key living and assembling territory of the house. The family living spaces are engaged around both a north-bound deck and an ensured southern yard. The deck and yard give light, ventilation and perspectives through the inside spaces and encourage consistent moves from inside to out.


The main room suite is available just by means of a concealed stair from the private study zone. Emitted away on the highest level, it offers a feeling of departure and retreat. On the most minimal level, three rooms give plentiful space to the couple’s triplet youngsters, and a media room and kids’ study territory, which opens onto the back patio nursery.


These interconnected structures offer security to the extensive crew. While the open kitchen, feasting and living territory give an extensive social occasion space that serves as a point of convergence for the family to meet up. The ventured and amazed configuration is enunciated as a progression of yard voids, considering light and perspectives to infiltrate into each space, and additionally give shielded spaces from the hot north-easterly summer winds.


The house was intended for a substantial family, and has accomplished a character that is quiet and refined, with strong and delightful characteristic materials that give an ageless quality.

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