6 Useful Tips during renovation

6 Useful Tips During Renovation: What You Can And Cannot Save


When planning a remodeling of an apartment, we are always happy to reduce costs. But saving in this case is not always appropriate. We will tell you about the cases when it is possible, and in what cases you can not spare money for repairs.

Before a thorough redevelopment of an apartment or house, it is important to really evaluate your desires and abilities. You can read about professionals and find out that the cost of repair determines the further course of works. Always try to leave a reserve for unforeseen expenses – about 5% of the total amount of planned expenses. The austerity mode may not have the best effect on the final result, which will lead to additional expenses. But there’s no need for reckless spending either. Where is savings appropriate and where is it unacceptable?


What can’t you save money on?

1. Time

In popular programs about repair specialists dashingly cope with the task in just two or three days. But you should not focus on this period, when it comes to the capital repair of the whole apartment. It takes at least one or two months or even more to prepare, buy materials and work. Mostly it depends on the size of the area and complexity of the project. Irreasonable rush may lead to unnecessary expenses and inappropriate result.


2. Designer

If this is the first time you are planning a large-scale repair and are not strong in design work, be sure to use the services of an experienced designer. He will help not only to understand the fashion trends and visualize your wishes, but also to make a competent estimate of costs. It is not necessary to save money on it, but it is not necessary to be guided by the names of the top 10 best designers. Perhaps, someone from your environment has already had experience of cooperation with a designer and can suggest a good specialist at a reasonable price.


3. The work team

The most economical option is to do the repair yourself. But if you do not have the time or experience in this business, hire a responsible team from a reputable firm like Guru Restoration team. Take a close look at its recommendations and documentation. In search of cheap labor, you may come across absolute unprofessionalism and dishonesty. In this case, no one assumes what awaits you when the repair is finished and whether it will end at all.

6 Useful Tips During Renovation

4. Engineering systems

Too cheap engineering equipment will not immediately prove itself. As a rule, it happens at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, you need to save very carefully on power, gas, sewerage, water, heating and ventilation systems. Experts call not to be stingy and entrust engineering work to professionals. The quality and reliability of all systems depend primarily on your safety and comfort. Decide on the location of sockets even at the planning stage of repair. Even one inconvenient socket can ruin the whole picture.


5. Windows and doors

High-quality windows and doors provide reliable heat and sound insulation of the house. Materials choose according to your preferences and budget, but for extreme discounts do not chase – remodeling designs can cost much more. Especially do not be stingy with those who have windows overlooking the highway. Here the best option – a reliable triple glazing with flow ventilation. Do not save money on fittings – high-quality hinges and handles will pay off more than once.


6. Plumbing

Buying sanitary ware, we make a long-term investment, and savings are inappropriate. Choose reliable, well-established manufacturers. Always carefully check all the documents and components of the sanitary ware in the box. Each type of bath material has its pros and cons. The most budget option – steel bath. Remove its main disadvantages can be made by making its own lining with heat and sound insulation materials. Old cast-iron bathtubs are more economical not to throw away, and update with an acrylic insert. But if there are chips and cracks on them, their fate is decided.


7. Furniture

You can save on the amount of furniture, but not on its quality. In cheap copies there are often poisonous substances that fill the whole house and do not have the best effect on health. You should prefer furniture made of chipboard, MDF or natural wood. It will not flake or crumble. For the children’s room, inexpensive but practical furniture will be suitable: children grow up quickly, and the situation in their room will have to change periodically. With the order of an expensive designer’s creation, it is better to wait until the spent home “treasury” is stronger again.

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