Elegant, pure and clean lines define the apartment perched on the hills above Cannes

Elegant, pure and clean lines define the apartment perched on the hills above Cannes

Architects: Christine Bodino DesignDenis Bodino
Location: Cannes, France
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Nicolas Dubreuil

“Christine Bodino was in charge of the interior design of this apartment perched on the hills above Cannes. She opted for the pure, clean lines and elegance and understatement of a resolutely contemporary design for this pied à terre, where careful thought was given to every last detail.


The Living Area
Light and airy, comfortable and with a distinctly personal touch that brings it an atmosphere of intimacy.
A discreet and refined decoration, sofa in white linen and coffee table in polished stainless steel, with mirrors designed by Christine herself, called “Shine”, a real gem that reflects all the natural brilliance of a living area that brings together rough, matt and rare materials. Linen rug, parquet flooring in white varnished oak, Barcelona armchair in camel-colored doeskin, bookshelves with a moveable mirrored partition that incorporates the TV screen, signed by Christine’s brother Designer Denis Bodino.


The minimalist-style kitchen, in marble, synonymous with luxury and elegance, was designed by Denis Bodino.


The Dining Area
The natural oak table and its luminous brass support designed by DB with chairs by Bertoia.


The bedroom, bathed in natural light, is illuminated by an Yves Klein anthrometric lamp and brass bedside tables.


A private residence that conveys a sense of delight, calm and well-being…”

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