Crucial Preparations to Make Before Moving into Your New Home

Crucial Preparations to Make Before Moving into Your New Home


Few things are as exciting as moving into a new home. Whether you’re relocating to a new locale or simply upgrading your current digs, moving can be a precursor to transformation for every member of your household. However, regardless of how eager you are to lay down roots in your new residence, there are a number of simple – yet crucial – preparations you’ll need to attend to. Taking care of the following tasks in advance of your big move will save you a tremendous amount of effort down the line and help make the moving process less stressful.


Make Sure Electricity and Utilities are Turned On

While turning on electricity and utilities may seem like a no-brainer, it’s easy for this crucial task to get lost amid the sea of moving-related preparations most families need to make. Having functional utilities is particularly important for families moving during the balmy summer or frosty winter months. The absence of functional heating and cooling is bound to make your first few nights in your new residence unbearable. Furthermore, you’d be hard-pressed to find a modern-day family willing to stay in a place with no electricity. As such, make a point of having your new home’s electricity and utilities turned at least a day or two in advance of your big move.

Set Up Bedrooms

As any seasoned parent can attest, children need personal space. This is particularly true for kids whose families are in the process of moving. After being pulled away from familiar surroundings, it’s important for children to have spaces in which they can unwind and feel secure. With this in mind, the first rooms you set up should be your children’s bedrooms. The more complete these rooms look by the time you move in, the more amenable your kids are likely to be to the idea of moving.

In addition to unpacking your kids’ existing possessions and furniture, you may also want to take this opportunity to upgrade their bedroom furnishings. For example, buying your child a new bed-frame, organic mattress, shelving unit or television cabinet can help win them over on the idea that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Insure the Property

A home is no small investment. In fact, it’s the largest investment most people ever make. That being the case, it’s only natural that you’d want to keep your new residence as safe as possible. To ensure that your investment remains protected, you’ll need to purchase a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance plan. The right plan will protect your home from a wide assortment of weather damage, structural issues and other harmful elements. Few things are more financially ruinous than dealing with an uninsured home that’s incurred massive damage.

Create a Workable Schedule

Procrastination is in many people’s nature, and if you lead a consistently busy life, you may have no choice but to approach tasks at the last possible second. Still, given how multitiered and time-consuming moving can be, it’s in every family’s best interest to plan ahead. For example, if your family has a lot of packing to do, it’s recommended that you start as soon as possible. Beginning the packing process weeks in advance ensures that you’ll have plenty of time to sort through your various possessions and that you won’t feel rushed when the big day finally arrives.

If you’ll be enlisting the aid of movers, don’t assume they’ll be available on short notice. After deciding on a suitable moving company, contact them by phone or via email to enquire about availability. The sooner you get in touch, the better your chances of being able to book them for your desired date. Conversely, trying to schedule a moving company a day or two before a big move may result in disappointment.

Laying down stakes in a new home can mark the start of a bold new chapter in the lives of your family. However, as exciting as moving can be, the relocation process entails a fair amount of effort. Failure to tend to the previously discussed preparations is practically guaranteed to turn your big move into a stressful, confusing nightmare. Anyone looking to ensure that their next move goes off without a hitch would be wise to stay on top of preparations and avoid letting important tasks pile up.

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