Tips to redesign your bedroom on a budget

Tips to redesign your bedroom on a budget


Do you remember sleepless nights in college when you tried to deliver all your assignments by the quickly coming deadline? You were sitting in your small dorm room trying to figure out «Who can do my math homework for me?» and dreaming of going to bed and delegate all your problems to college papers help. We mentioned your small dorm room for a good reason: students know how to fit all necessary stuff to limited space and still feel comfortable and homie. If you are thinking about redesigning your bedroom and have a limited amount of funds you are ready to invest, there are some little tricks you can get from students` organization style to make it look in a new way with minimum efforts.


Top small rearrangements for your bedroom

For some reason, people think that in the bedroom we spend the least time, but it`s not true. The bedroom is our personal space where we can relax and have a good sleep. Even if this is not the first place we see when we enter the house, it is still worth your attention when you think about design and décor. Your bedroom should become a place where you want to cuddle after a long day outside, that is why you need to think about making it cozy. Even with a limited budget, you have all chances to succeed.


  1. Switch some things

Changing the layout of your room can really help if it is small and can`t be zoned. Just change the location of your chair, bed, and wardrobe, and you will receive a completely different look. In addition, if you get rid of those things that only take space and are not used for ages (but you keep them due to some unknown reason), you can make your room bigger, lighter and airy. This is simple and free;


  1. Paint walls

Changing the color of your room is another great way to make it look different. For your bedroom, you can pick some calm colors like blue or green that can help you feel relaxed. However, if you are a creative person, you can choose any mix you want, the main goal is to feel comfortable and want to come back here after a day at work;


  1. Change bedding

Your bed is the main piece of furniture and actually the center of your room, so changing the accessories will help draw the main accent. For example, you can buy new pillows and select bedding of nude or white tones (or bright colors if that makes you feel better). Put over a cozy checkered plaid and it`s done;


  1. Choose lightning

This is what makes any room look different. Well-chosen lighting can create a relaxing or passionate atmosphere, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Think about bedside lamps, some nice lampshade to read in bed or even light bulb garland;


  1. Consider the floor

Add a rug or just leave it laminated, or lay a fluffy carpet. Waking up with something soft under your feet feels perfect, right? You can even lay down on your carpet with a book or watch a movie and still feel comfortable;


  1. Find storage space

If you imagine a perfect bedroom, there will be plenty of space and no personal stuff to stumble when you are going to bed. Use place under your bed and some wall racks as storage where you can put away all unnecessary things piling up;


  1. Use walls

Once painted, your walls need to be decorated with posters, paintings, or a good mirror to have a look at in the morning. If this is art, choose something that reflects your interests. You can also hang pictures of your family and friends in beautiful frames;


  1. Add flowers

The bedroom is probably the best fit for flowers that will fresh it up and make it cozier. Choose those you like most and add to finish the redesigning of your bedroom.

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