Burton Residence by Marmol Radziner

Burton Residence byMarmol Radziner

Architects:Marmol Radziner
Location: Mendocino County, California, USA
Area: 2,200 sqft
Photos:Joe Fletcher

This getaway home is determined to the peak of a verdant glade on a 160-section of land site in Mendocino County. The objective was to protect and upgrade the characteristic excellence of the property by siting the retreat in a cautious, basic, and unpretentious way.


The 10-module home structures a L-molded arrangement, confining perspectives of a covering of full grown oak trees toward the south and east.


The street prompting the house climbs the slope and closures at the garage at the home’s west end. An arrangement of solid stairs lead up a tender evaluation from the garage to the passage deck, which keeps running along the north side of the home. The primary volume is situated east to west and organized in an open arrangement. The family room, kitchen, and lounge area all things considered open southward onto a secured yard with an outside chimney and pool zone. From the principle volume, the main room stretches out toward the north, after the ridge’s edge and consummation in a private deck that takes in the morning light from the east.


Long Valley Ranch uses various reasonable systems and materials. Latent sun based warming and cooling are accomplished through utilization of solid ground surface, secured decks, and normal through breezes. A 17-kW sun oriented cluster balances the power utilization of the house, and a tankless heated water storage gives on-interest water warming. Economical materials are utilized all through, including reused denim protection and low-VOC paint.

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