Ultramodern Mop House by AGI Architects

Ultramodern Mop House by AGI Architects

Architects: AGI Architects
Location: Al-Nuzha, Kuwait city, Kuwait
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Nelson Garrido

The site can be gotten to from either side of the encompassing avenues to take into consideration both a private and an open passageway. Subsequent to moving along a bended divider that aides the guest from the outside of the plot into the middle, one achieves the fundamental passage into the house. After entering through the fundamental door jamb, the space opens up to uncover the swimming pool and people in general living regions of the house.


The type of the home is reminiscent of the development examples of a mop, from which adaptable volumes are sorted out slantingly around a focal hub. This hub winds upwards to create spaces that are diverting the vision in distinctive bearings: the front side of the house, side gardens and edges of the back road.


The flow encompassing the yard on the first floor invents a progression of living spaces, which impart to each other, as well as relate outwardly the inside of the porch to the outside. The primary floor shades to shade the rooms on the ground floor, and the porch is intended to characterize a break in the middle of the volumes of the house, which quietly uncovers a side greenery enclosure.


The living arrangement was initially wanted to house one family with two little youngsters, however later on it could be separated into two units. The structure of the house and the appropriation of the dissemination, and in addition the situating of the passageways and lift takes into account ensured protection in the middle of folks and kids in the imminent future.

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