Arabella Rocca design the chic Trastavere Apartment located in Rome, Italy

Arabella Rocca design the chic Trastavere Apartment located in Rome, Italy

Architects: Arabella Rocca
Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 2.045 ft²/ 190 m²
Photo courtesy: Arabella Rocca

“The apartment of two doctors, architecture lovers, simple and essential materials and spacious and well organized. Before the apartment was dark, with small to medium environments and separated among them they predominated the connecting spaces.


The living area is now very large (70 square meters), the functions are divided by very light libraries: the entrance, the relaxation area and the dining area are visual connection between them tips only suspended horizontal planes that expose carefully selected objects.


The choice of the furnishings went so far as to design sofas and a framework composed of elements layered velvet on a steel base. A pivoting panel separates the sleeping area from the living area, the corridors are spaces designed in detail to accommodate closets, laundry area and storage rooms, which are accessed by modular wooden panels. The night area features a utility room, guest bedroom, children’s room and the master bedroom has a walk-in closet and a private bathroom.


The three bathrooms, fully-designed, are in resin with wooden elements. A balcony that runs along the entire south side of the apartment enriched with natural light the whole house, equipped with a lighting system mainly led and controlled by a home automation system that manages the integrated air-conditioning system and completely hidden.”

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