House used as a home to its two full-time occupants and as a luxury hotel

House used as a home to its two full-time occupants and as a luxury hotel

Architects: Lachlan Shepherd Architects
Location: Torquay, Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Ben Hosking

“In the first briefing meeting with our clients Angie, Vic and their Dalmatian Pirate, Angie’s main brief requirement was that she wanted people to walk in and say/think “holy f***”…


It was conceived as a place for entertaining, whereby the owners regularly have guests stay including family and friends from within Australia and abroad. Thus, the house had to function firstly as a home to its two full-time occupants (and their Dalmatian) and secondly as a luxury hotel; each guest bedroom is provided with its own ensuite and robe areas, so essentially their guests can “check-in” to their own space before moving into the main living zones of the house.


The planning responds to the site surrounds by turning its back on the one adjacent neighbour and opening up to the beautiful golf course views to the south and east. Large expanses of glazing work to draw the rolling golf greens and sand dunes beyond into the home, blurring the distinction between outside and inside.


The main kitchen and living zones are also tied to an integrated plunge pool, which is heated year-round, providing a practical, usable pool and doubling as a water feature which is viewed from all living zones. There are no walls diving the lounge, kitchen, dining, and sitting zones but they are separated visually and spatially by the sunken lounge area.


The building, whilst highly detailed and technical in its design/construction, also represents an honest, low-maintenance and warm home.”

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