How to Design a Timeless Cooking Space

Trend-proof kitchen – How to Design a Timeless Cooking Space

Designing a timeless cooking space big investment, so the key is to pick a timeless style that will require no upgrade in the future.

The kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in your house because it’s the gathering place for the entire family when you eat meals together and the hotspot when hosting parties for friends and loved ones. Homeowners often name the kitchen the destination for memory-making with the people they love – it’s important to keep this in view when designing it. The kitchen is more than the space where you knead, stir, and best; it’s the space where you employ your creativity to cook dishes for your family and the place where you spend quality time with your family and friends. 

Creating a timeless design is an important goal because you want to build a practical and stylish space that will meet your needs and preferences even 10 years from now. Pick a classic design, and you’ll get longevity. 

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Design a white kitchen that transmits warmth and texture

If you redesign the kitchen from scratch, consider opting for a white palette. White kitchens have always been in trend, which won’t change in the following years. White makes the space feel clean, fresh, and updated, allowing you to play with the furnishings and décor as often as you want. A white kitchen can create a new look annually without renovating the entire space to the bones. 

However, when you create a white kitchen, pay attention to details because monochrome spaces can read as sterile and severe. Therefore, adding some softness and a pop of color through accessories is essential. Interior designers usually weave in earth tones with the help of wood and brick elements that balance out the coolness of the white. You can welcome color into your kitchen through smooth-shaker kitchen doors, appliances, fixtures, backsplashes, and accessories.            

Create the perfect kitchen layout

When you plan the room layout to be near perfection, you ensure your kitchen won’t require redesign for a long time. The layout’s purpose is to provide you with functional space so you never have a negative thought about the position of the main elements. When you’re happy with how the big elements look in the kitchen, you are less likely to want to upgrade the space or replace them. If you don’t know how to create a kitchen layout that stands the test of time, hire a professional interior designer. You can also find valuable information online about what kind of layouts suit different spaces. 

The main ingredient of a perfect layout is the kitchen triangle, which consists of the fridge, sink, and oven. These three elements create the room’s anchor, and the rest of the design flows from them. So whether you pick a galley, L-shaped, or U-shaped layout, the kitchen triangle will make the heart of them all. 

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Stick with a soft color palette

If you don’t like the idea of a white area and prefer a more colorful space, try leaning into soft and warm hues. You might find it thrilling to create a dramatic look by using wallpaper or painting the walls in a bold color, but you run the risk of getting bored of this style in a couple of years. The last thing you want is to remove an expensive décor element because it no longer fits your interior design preferences. 

Using neutrals and soft hues is the key to ensuring that your kitchen will always be trendy. Most homeowners choose greys, whites, browns, and black when they want to design ageless spaces. 

Opens shelving is the new kitchen design classic

Interior designers state that open shelving is a timeless kitchen design trend but unsuitable for all cooking spaces. So if your space allows it, you can consider it because we promise it won’t get out of style in the following years. 

Displaying your favorite items breathes personality and life into the kitchen. You decide to display some plants, pots, pans, earthenware, or glasses; they all will look great. 

Many homeowners shy away from picking open shelves as storage options because they believe they will make the kitchen feel untidy and cluttered, but if you do it well, you achieve a sense of style. 

Also, displaying the items you use daily can be a time saver because you can pick the things you need to cook meals. It also lets you keep the kitchen organized because you don’t have to clutter everything behind cupboard doors. Instead, everything is where you can see it, so you’ll be more efficient at meal prepping. 

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Add a multi-functional kitchen island

When the space allows it, the average kitchen features an island. Interior designers state that kitchen islands are essential elements in timeless kitchens because they boost the room’s functionality. You can play with the size and pick the kitchen island that meets your preferences and needs, but make sure it caters to all you need in a modern kitchen

The kitchen island can be a space-efficient element and improve the traffic flow in the room. In addition, it can become the room’s focal point, especially if you integrate appliances and seating. 

The island is quite helpful when you’re multitasking: cooking dinner while supervising your children doing their homework or baking cookies while chatting with friends around the island. Depending on the house’s layout, the kitchen island can also be a space divider between the kitchen and the other areas (living room, dining room). 

And don’t forget to install some quality lighting fixtures above the kitchen island because task areas require intense illumination. Finally, you can use this opportunity to blend function with form and pick a decorative chandelier that boosts the space’s aesthetic and shows your personality. 

Final words

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so create a space that makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t require an update in five years.  

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