River House by MCK Architects

River House by MCK Architects

Architects: MCK Architects
Location: Sydney, Australia
Year: 2009
Area: 5,812 square-foot
Photos: Steven Back

For the River House, the site itself gave both the best open doors, and the biggest imperatives to the configuration. It is both steep and clumsily formed, however holds radiant North confronting all encompassing perspectives over the Lane Cove River.

River-House-01The air-space was along these lines used to increase extra foot shaped impression space, and make a skimming datum, successfully the Street Level Ground Floor plane. This datum was copied as a “cover” over itself thus the two skimming parallel floor plates, which gladly cantilever over the current mansion esque sandstone storm cellar dividers.


The First Floor shingle box remains generally passive from the waterway side. Liberal course zones welcome the client upon passage. A wedge-formed joinery box gliding in arrangement like an island, isolates the dissemination zones from the primary Living Zone, and along these lines elevate the experience of the excursion through the space.


The Main Living Zone is a twisted tube molded structure with the Kitchen as the support. From this space, huge perspectives can be gotten of the neighborhood normal region. The house itself identifies with its rectilinear rural connection at it’s road edge, and it’s more regular shapes and natural lines on the non-road side. It arrives fundamentally that the house mirrors it’s most prominent impact: the waterway.

River-House-04 River-House-06 River-House-07 River-House-09 River-House-11 River-House-13 River-House-15 River-House-16 River-House-18 River-House-19 River-House-20 River-House-21-1 River-House-21-7 River-House-21-8 River-House-21 River-House-22-9 River-House-22 River-House-23 River-House-24-6 River-House-24-8 River-House-24-9 River-House-24 River-House-27

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