72 Sentosa Cove House by ONG&ONG

72 Sentosa Cove House by ONG&ONG

Architects: ONG&ONG
Location: Sentosa Cove, Sentosa Island, Singapore
Photos:  Derek Swalwell

This is a home that can persevere through the tropical atmosphere with negligible ecological effect, by tapping on accessible characteristic assets. Four levels make up the building, every obliging the family’s different social and diversion needs while additionally pleasing every part’s individual requirement for isolation.


Accomplishing space expansion and security were likewise figured into this outline, in perspective of the house’s nearby vicinity to neighboring units. Therefore, the interior spaces confront internal into a multi-utilitarian patio which goes about as course turn, light well and ventilation debilitate, while likewise serving as a visual point of convergence. Thick foliage likewise gives a characteristic intends to extra security.


The building’s slimmer east and west veneers are a difference to the totally open north and south ones. This controls characteristic lighting and twist ventilation for productive warm course. A pitched rooftop, with its arrangement of rehashing inclines, likewise creates extra bay window openings.


What’s more, we should likewise not overlook this is above all else a home for a dynamic couple and their children. For this, a lap pool and preparing room guarantee that their wellness needs are dealt with.

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