House Ven by StudioWJ Architects

House Ven by StudioWJ Architects

Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa
Area: 10,765 sqft
Photo courtesy: StudioWJ Architects

This family home, designed by StudioWJ Architects is located in the idyllic town of Mossel Bay, on the Garden Route in South Africa. The site of approximately 1000m2 (10,765ft2) is situated within the Mossel Bay Golf Estate and offers uninterrupted views to the Indian Ocean and over a ‘fynbos’ nature reserve.


The brief was for a modern, double-storey home with living areas and three en-suite bedrooms on the upper level. The ground level was to consist of a double garage and two en-suite guest bedrooms. The form and position of the house is orientated towards the views to the south. Large glass sliding panels open up the house towards north where a water feature wraps around the living and dining room.


The water feature joins into a pool and an entertainment gazebo with views through the house sits next to it. The kitchen is placed to enjoy prime ocean views as this is where the family spends most of their time. The roofs are detached from the walls and float above the house filtering in natural light and warmth. The roofs are pitched to tie in with the guidelines of the estate. Finishes include frameless glass balustrades, Brazilian ash wall cladding, quartz carpet floors, LED lighting and floor-to-ceiling glazing.

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