17BR House by ONG&ONG

17BR House by ONG&ONG

Architects: ONG&ONG
Location: Singapore
Photo courtesy: Aaron Pocock

The 17BR-House is a Peranakan shophouse initially constructed somewhere around 1900 and 1940. The property holders needed to manufacture a warm family home that would save the shophouse’s verifiable character and invert the extraordinary changes done amid its past incarnation as an office space.


In reestablishing 17BR-House as a habitation, an internal patio was made on the first floor, permitting daylight and air to stream unreservedly into and all through the house. The establishment of a green divider and additionally the covering of the floor totally in rug grass changes the yard into a curious indoor patio nursery. This space frames the visual center for the first floor; with the nonattendance of allotment dividers, there is a consistent visual move from the kitchen at the back of the building to the living territory at the front, permitting the family-arranged mortgage holder to cooperate with his kids while enjoying culinary endeavors in the kitchen.


An emotional winding staircase spreading over every one of the three levels expands vertical dissemination while sky facing windows in the jack rooftop straightforwardly over the staircase give common enlightenment. Timber bars introduced in the roof of the first floor and the rooftop adds an old world appeal to the home.


The second floor holds two rooms; both offer a washroom, a long hall lined with bookshelves and storage room, and in addition similarly charming perspectives, one of the customary façade and the other of the green divider in the patio.


The top floor houses the main room and a different restroom outwardly associated with the room by means of a long chunk of limestone that serves as the top counter of the washroom’s vanity and proceeds ahead into the passage, shaping an utilitarian work area territory in the midst of a bookshelf-lined divider. The sky facing window in the main restroom lights up both the washroom and the gallery on the second floor with characteristic sunlight.


The shophouse’s back includes a kitchen, the administration quarters and additionally a 7-meter (23-foot) long swimming pool, with customary coated floor tiles and an imitation winding staircase at the back reminiscent of the shophouse’s initial days.


The façade’s reclamation, with the inversion to a solitary pintu pagar entryway, the restoration of the customary, taller windows on the second floor, and the utilization of gleaming lacquer completed dado tiles, finishes the venture that goes past the production of a flawless, cutting edge family home to a protection of a significant social legacy.


The shophouse had been in a terrible state, having been stripped of its verifiable qualities and redesigned for office use. With much backing from the customer, the planners endeavored to bring these customary components back while additionally reestablishing the shophouse to private use. Considering the size of the remedial work required the last item is both a flawless home for the cutting edge family and also a fitting tribute to the shophouse’s history.

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