Unique Duplex Between The City And the Archipelago

Unique Duplex Between The City And the Archipelago

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Area: 1,711 sqft
Price: $2 million
Photo courtesy: Wrede

An industrial building from 1912 with a distinctive architecture and classic brick facade, has been transformed into a high quality residential building in Riksbyggen house. As the crowning created a unique maisonette of 159 square with a completely custom design, specially designed by the architectural and design firm Concept Stockholm.


This floor is characterized by 5.5 meter high ceilings, very stylish interior design and a majestic water views from every room. Enjoying the sunrise and views of both the inner archipelago as Djurgården.


Welcome to beautiful Kvarnholmen and a trend-proof home of international class.


The property was built in 1912 and silot designed by architect JB Jensen. The house has a stairwell with two entrances, a main entrance from seaward, and a new entrance from the back of the house. While Rits Architects have been responsible for the renovation of the house itself has architectural firm Concept Stockholm hired to maximize the potential inside the floor. Concept was based on the unique location between the city and island and was inspired by the building itself: – The silo stands firmly in brick, stone, wood and steel, and these materials will get back inside, says Anna Berntman on Concept Stockholm.


All materials are carefully selected; fine quality materials that feels solid and ages beautifully. Location between the city and the archipelago has a special light and space that we wanted to capture, and therefore we have worked with sequences of bright colors. Upstairs is characterized by 5.5 meter high ceilings, very stylish interior design and a majestic view of the water from all room.


A magnificent spetsbågsfönster sets the tone in the social space where the kitchen and living room blend together in an open, elegant floor plan, while the master bedroom is located in a more private part of the floor, with private bathroom and walk-in closet. Here njuds windows to the east with the sunrise over the inner archipelago from the bed. Downstairs also houses an office overlooking the island of Djurgården.


Upstairs is the master bedroom and spacious bathroom with large double doors that also from the bath opens onto the beautiful fund water outside forms.

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