AA House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

AA House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

Architects: Pascali Semerdjian Architects
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Ricardo Bassetti

Directed by an existing structure, we tried to make the project assimilate this structural interferences in a natural way in its external volume: the unevenness on the front facade was further accentuated by metal vertical louvers that help in the composition of the facade.


Translucent plans as louvers, take place throughout the entire house, inside and outside, making the concept of the project clear: horizontal and vertical planes, of different textures, compositions or materials that separate and at the same time integrate the environments.


These plans also connect and protect the house to the outside, be it the houses own garden or the city, through the gates and guard rails hollow bodies. There are only a few and fundamental masonry walls in the Project. The Garden, which involves the whole house, has in its back a swimming pool in green slate on two levels, so that the small beach for resting ensures the use of the pool as a half submerged living room.


The recreational areas as barbecue kitchen and lounge on the ground floor and master suite upstairs looks at this garden. Not only the fixed furniture was designed by the office, but also much of the furniture and the support of sound and vinyls, the dining table and night stands and even the toilet bowl, which required the making of a short and precise model for suppliers understanding for the piece execution. Other decorative items and works of art were selected by the office not only in shops and galleries, but also from private collections.

AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-04 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-05 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-06 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-07 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-08 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-09 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-10 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-11 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-12 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-13 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-14 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-15 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-16 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-17 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-18 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-19 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-20 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-21 AA-House-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-22

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