Stonington Residence by Joeb Moore & Partners

Stonington Residence by Joeb Moore & Partners

Architects: Joeb Moore & Partners
Location: Stonington, Connecticut, USA
Year: 2013
Photos: David Sundberg | Esto

The Stonington Residence, an as of late remodeled and restored notable house is sited between 300 feet of waterfront and an expansive glade in Stonington, Connecticut. While the house is sited on a little stone edge, the site’s extra shake outcrops arrange outside spaces, which incorporate a studio and carport, a pool, and open air porches.


The current house was initially composed amid World War II (1945) by designer John Lincoln, previous senior engineer for the Navy at Quonset Point and teacher of construction modeling at the Rhode Island School of Design. Straight to the point Lloyd Wright’s impact on the planner is apparent in Lincoln’s utilization of stone, glass corner windows and a level rooftop. Because of the way of the materials and development routines utilized on the first building, the configuration procedure was similar to an archeological examination, uncovering the home’s novel development, and joining its materials and techniques into another outline.


The first house had five rooms, three bathrooms, a library, a research facility, and three chimneys, all constructed along a rock divider that goes through the focal point of the house. The divider remains the essential sorting out gadget, and capacities as a balancing out revolve around which new development produces portals and dissemination through the home. Notwithstanding the stone divider, darkened steel and plywood completions give linkages in the middle of open and private projects. At long last, a rectangular second-floor volume exemplifies the essential room suites and is wrapped in a ridged metal envelope that coordinates sees from the patios while delicately differentiating the common stone of the lower outside.

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