4 Views by AR Design Studio

4 Views by AR Design Studio

Architects: Andy Ramus, Laura Locke of AR Design Studio
Location: Winchester, United Kingdom
Year: 2014
Photos: Martin Gardner

Arranged in a noticeable area sitting above the city of Winchester and its lovely encompassing field stands Four Views. This striking upside-down form stands out from its routine neighbors, showing a level overhanging rooftop, dull dark block, cedar cladding and dim aluminum encircled windows. In 2011, we were drawn nearer by a couple wishing to assemble another house. They needed a background to submerge themselves in, having as of late lost a little girl; a task that would give them a positive center and a new beginning for them and their gang.


Considering obligation regarding their brief important, rerch into building a house that could offer them some assistance with moving forward, mend and bring them satisfaction started. Through broad rerch we discovered an abundance of data on the association between great structural planning and its constructive outcomes on restoring wellbeing. We were given a ‘free hand’ with its outline, around a wish for a greenery enclosure inside.


The calculated drive behind his home was the rule of the 3 N’s: Nature, Natural light and Natural air. The type of the substitution house is characterized by four interlocking boxes, the negative space at their inside structures a “Zen” garden, with a solitary olive tree at its heart.


This straightforward format turned into the establishment on which the standards of the 3N’s could be fabricated, permitting them to be joined into all parts of the outline. An association with nature has long been accepted as bravo body and soul. This house join with nature through three dazzling, expansive perspectives of the South Downs. The long perspectives moving the couple to anticipate the future, the patio giving space for internal private and intelligent times. Along these lines, the house has ended up known as 4 Views.


The broad coating to dividers, rooftop lights and open focal patio nursery permit regular light to surge the upper floor, giving a liberal sentiment space. The bay windows make a captivating background to the inside, the spaces always bursting at the seams with light and shadow from passing mists, giving an invigorating persistent association with the components. Expansive sliding boards of glass to the essential rise and patio guarantee normal ventilation furthermore a free stream of regular outside air.


The rooms and cozy are purposefully darker, giving a cozier withdraw ground floor. Sees from here casing the patio nursery, differentiating the broadened sees from the first floor and thus underlining the ground floor as a private retreat for the crew.


The yard, substantial overhang and gigantic secured porch are all intended to offer sound open air living alternatives paying little heed to climate. The materials and fittings are basic and common to inspire and advance a feeling of quiet. The cedar cladding covers the house inside and remotely, and the fragile aroma from this makes a lovely serene spot to live in.



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