Cove 3 by SAOTA and ARRCC

Cove 3 by SAOTA and ARRCC

Architects: SAOTA, ARRCC
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2010
Area: 10,817 sqft
Photo courtesy: Micky Hoyle, Visi

Arranged in The Cove at Pezula Estate outside Knysna, on the West Coast of South Africa, this family home appreciates perspectives toward the East and South. The thought was to make a living space with a solitary rooftop component drifting over it that reacted to the incline of the site. The rooftop is set at an abnormal state with the goal that it is avoided the living space, making the hallucination that one is encompassed by the scene.


A triangular cut-out in the rooftop unites one with the sky. A sun oriented investigation was done to take out direct sun from the building. A bay window hangs into the space to alleviate the size of the twofold volume. Consideration was taken in selecting execution glass that would minimize the effect of direct sun.


The decision of materials, off-screen concrete, Rheinzink material, timber cladding, stone and uncovered total, permits the building to blur into the scene as the materials age. One enters at the upper level of the twofold volume, looking towards the sea. A stupendous stair draws one onto the living level which holds the kitchen, lounge area and front room.


A winding stair join the living level to a private parlor and the main room on a mezzanine level. This winding staircase drops through the floor to a lower level which houses a visitor room, home theater and a parlor. A L-molded wing houses the two youngsters’ rooms.


With regards to a supportable outline approach, an immense underground reservoir was made under the greenery enclosure patio to reap water, while a warmth pump and water-based under floor warming framework preserve vitality.


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