Kfar Shmaryahu House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Kfar Shmaryahu House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects
Location: Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel
Year: 2012
Photos: Amit Geron

The course of action of articles in a given space or a characterized group with a specific end goal to offer intending to the position and game plan of the things, The consequence of the relationship between the item and the structure of the aesthetic creation. A private, family living arrangement in a urban situation. From without, the building does not uncover that it is a home.


It takes after a mold or a craftsman’s canvas or a right around two dimensional edge inside of whose range different openings have been put and which are encompassed with a dynamic arrangement of wooden, direct strips. The planar circulation of the “photo” or, for this situation the front façade makes a non-symmetrical piece which pulls towards the flanking countenances trying to propose this is, indeed, a three dimensional mass.


The course of action of the items (the openings) is constantly settled and takes into consideration one focal and changeless organization. The capacity to invert the adjusted structure into a dynamic one is made conceivable on account of the configuration of an arrangement of shrewd blinds that permits the blinds to be lifted upwards whilst they are collapsed into what takes after a rooftop.


Every one of the rails and apparatuses are shrouded thus when the façade is shut the dynamic and changing conceivable outcomes covered up in the habitation’s façade are not obvious. Every one of the openings open independently thus take into account distinctive arrangements. At any given minute and for reasons unknown (security, assurance from the sun) the relationship between the item and the plane can be changed.


In this way we can accomplish an organization that is adjusted, changing, erratic, shut or open inside of the same system. Development through the house is went with (on account of the adaptable visually impaired framework) by distinctive perspectives of the outside, some uncovered and exposed, others undisguised and others surrounding a segment of scene particularly intended for it.


This equivalent variability and adaptability likewise permits control of the measure of daylight and regular light entering through the openings and into the homes spaces. These spaces are portrayed by a limited utilization of materials and shape so that the light infiltrating the space makes a feeling of show, development and dynamism which appears to revive the souls of the noiseless dividers.


Along these lines, essentially, the arrangement of connections between the road and the structure made out of changing, however two dimensional organizations on a surrounded and level plane creates, for the client of the house’s spaces, an open range that joins unique or substantial pictures with volume.


The relationship between these same volumes (the dividers, the stairs, the different parcels and the diverse components in the house) and the space, make, through the structures changing façade and the dynamism of the blinds, evolving pieces, infrequently controlled and once in a while irregular with another and distinctive experience being made every time for the client and those living in the home.






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