Kiev Residence by Yunakov Architecture Construction

Kiev Residence by Yunakov Architecture Construction

Architects: Yunakov Architecture Construction
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2011
Area: 6,450 sqft
Photos: Ivan Yunakov

Displayed house arranged in the Kiev locale, on a slender area close to the current structures. One of the challenges of the zone was the way that he has entry to water, the waterway Dnieper. Keeping up these administrative separation, the house must be set just about at the very hypnotize on the region.

Kiev-Residence-10In arrangement, house has a corner to corner structure. Because of the nearby closeness of neighbors and a decent review zone of adjoining windows, it was chosen to make an arrangement of green porches on the rooftop to ensure against unapproved seeing.


This item – is the house for the youthful however officially huge family, made in the style of 30-ies years. The primary goal was to make a splendid and open home. In like manner, the foremost was to utilize nearby materials. That is, a house manufactured totally of Ukrainian materials (aside from earthenware and lighting).


The house is planned as per the standards of uninvolved configuration, it is ideally arranged to the cardinal focuses and exploits this introduction. This home likewise react to numerous natural norms, for example, low power utilization, utilizing nearby materials (reserve funds in transport), green rooftops abused, strong fuel boilers, remain solitary ecological septic, excellent, warm, determinations, and obviously vitality effective lighting.


The house has 5 rooms (3 youngsters, visitor and expert), 4 bathrooms, study, theater room, kitchen, lounge area, twofold tallness lobby with a chimney, 4 porches and a carport for 4 autos. The whole inside is warm, quieted tones. All regular materials, the furniture was made by representations of the creator of the venture and was done in Ukraine. The client family has three youngsters under 7 years of age, and to avoid differences among topic whose room is the place and what shading, it was chosen to make all kids’ room in the same materials and in one shading. Furthermore, youngsters, thusly, have the chance to customize their own space by the shade of a various LEED-s lights, and obviously with loads of toys.


Particularly natural and great rooftop top porch where you can unwind without trepidation to be seen neighbors. All porches have a wide style of planting, and is outlined so that each of the four patios, blossoming in its uncommon timetable in the child, keeping up the brilliance of hues consistently.


The house has two gas boilers of 50 kW (on the off-child) and a strong store. On account of the fantastic warm execution building envelopes at home, even at less 22 degrees in winter indoor temperature in addition to 19 degrees, when utilizing one of three boilers with an aggregate region of the place of 600 m2, that is 2400 m3 – m3 is 20 W (at a rate of 35 kW at m3).


Power utilization of the home at top burden including of the scene lighting is 15 – 17 kW. For examination, comparative in size home devours 30 – 35 kW.

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