Z House Bellevue Hill by Bruce Stafford Architects

Z House Bellevue Hill by Bruce Stafford Architects

Architects: Bruce Stafford Architects
Location: Bellevue Hill, Sydney, Australia
Photos: Karl Beath, Erik Smithson & Vincent Chi

A directing standard of the configuration was to advance the wellbeing of all individuals from the family, making a situation of peace and quietness. With a plenitude of characteristic light and daylight, the spaces are joined with nature through the utilization of yards, bay windows, coated openings and greenhouse. The twofold stature course space permits connectedness of spaces whilst as yet holding their security.

z-house-06Having no sweeping outside perspectives, the house makes its own particular vistas and profundity of field through the utilization of porous spaces which associate with scene. These spaces are intended to catch distinctive characteristics of regular light, making a moving embroidered artwork as the house reacts to the moving daylight.


The fundamental house typifies robustness, unwavering quality, constancy – it is a position of wellbeing giving a defensive grapple to the lighter components. A timber box is held softly inside of the strength of the bending solid shape, and is isolated by a glass light well that reaches out through the focal point of the house. The finely slatted enclose the type of a cover gives a resting spot for the children.





z-house-09 z-house-10 z-house-11 z-house-12 z-house-13 z-house-14 z-house-15 z-house-17 z-house-071

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