Static House by TWS & Partners

Static House by TWS & Partners

Architects: TWS & Partners 
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Year: 2010
Area: 7,530 square foot
Photos: Fernando Gomulya

The site is 600 square meter area zone which situated in medium thick, semi withdrew, with no physical and building typology from one and another. The customer came to us with a specific vision of greenery enclosure house, which can expand a connection to open air space from inside. From customer’s brief of room project, come to entirely enormous zone of 800 square meter, which ought to be situated inside of constrained site.


In react to constrained site, contrast with gigantic system. we attempt to expound and consolidate two yard spaces, which organized vertically and super force one another. To begin with yard was put on raised ground floor, which can be act likewise as a move and support zone from open space in front and back, semi open, lounge. Second patio situated on the second floor, which will be go about as middle of the road outside space from main room and encompassing neighborhood.


Thusly, the above layer of yard ought to have the capacity to be infiltrated by daylight and common air to offer life to patio underneath. We choose to apply shallow reflecting lake inside above yard and utilizing glass as a base of it, to permit sunshine infiltrate the patio and room underneath.


The shadow of moving water amid daytime from reflecting lake, give a feeling of nature inside the lobby room beneath. We additionally create few voids/gaps inside of second layer patio to give an entrance to light and air to room underneath. Swimming pool was situated on the first yard, ground floor, as indicated by the necessity zoning, and in the same time, act a sunshine reflector to this open air space.


The material utilized as a part of this building has a light and splendid, hearty shading plan to accomplish a feeling of common, insightful and quiet living environment. Utilizing a present day, straightforward and moderate style of furniture, we attempt to make a warm palette, joining with some ethnical and excellent bit of embellishing furniture and work of art.


The marble floor in general society living and lounge area go about as a foundation for white cowhide couch, consolidate with Ligne Roset standing light, and cutting edge glass stainless steel end table. The specially crafted, primary passageway, wooden entryway was made by Kayun (wooden craftsman from Bali), planned with particular flower example, to mirror the patio inside.


The eating table additionally produced using one piece characteristic completed wooden chunk, compare with obsolescent, embellishing obsolescent Chinese bureau set before the khaki, divider paper completion, foundation.





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