Contemporary Lighthouse Residence in Ottawa by LineBox

Contemporary Lighthouse Residence in Ottawa by LineBox

Architects: LineBox
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Area: 4,500 sqft
Photo courtesy: Christian Lalonde

Beacon was intended for a group of five, hoping to move from a provincial setting to a cutting edge urban dream house. It is a 4,500 square foot urban infill house in Ottawa’s arranged Lindenlea group, adjoining the city’s “old cash group of Rockcliffe Village.” As the kidney-molded site is wedged between the parking garage of the group focus toward the southwest and a forested 40-foot slope toward the north, it displayed one of a kind difficulties and chances to facilitate sees with wishes for light.


The essential coated façade was along these lines arranged north accordingly guaranteeing protection on the south side while permitting the space to be loaded with diffused light. This introduction additionally addresses worries about overheating in the mid year. Vertical windows along the south permit floods of daylight to achieve profound inside of the house and cloud undesirable perspectives of the parking area.


The configuration depends on a”vertical stacking of both transparent spaces and insignificant subtle elements that set up a climbing chain of importance of social and private spaces.” Splayed around a spiraling steel and maple staircase that ascents inside of a vertical glass shaft are rooms that radiate airiness and a feeling of network. “The substantial side passage with a limestone floor makes a liberal “shedding” region” for the young children which then leads away from any detectable hindrance kitchen and eating range.


The smooth Irpinia cabinetry is “unbiased in tone and is spatially characterized by a huge stone finished island with a lower, table-tallness augmentation” for spreading out homework or get-together around to mingle. The space is described by perspectives of outside foliage and Mooi pendant lights that cut down the feeling of scale and mellow the generally fresh, rectilinear volumes.


The hoisted extraordinary room with its 22-foot high roofs, warm maple floors (all floor have brilliant warming), and fresh white dividers is uncluttered and truant of noticeable light apparatuses. This room showcases workmanship and encourages discussion. Floor-to-roof business grade windows wrap the north corner of the room, extending the space into the backwoods past. The two-sided chimney that screens the front passageway gives an “appreciated reference point of warmth to fresh introductions on a frosty night” and fills the family room with its fun loving gleam. The second story has a sizeable getting that wraps around the staircase shaft and serves as the kids’ rooms, a restroom and a space office disregarding the twofold tallness lounge. The top “tree house” level is a boutique lodging style expert suite and rooftop top patio with spa and spaces for working, perusing and dozing.


Formed by the one of a kind site conditions and the way of life of an occupied present day family, Lighthouse addresses the requirement for both security and availability. It equalizations freshness with warmth, stands out regular from urban and commends an uncommon country desert spring inside of Ottawa’s downtown area.

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