Ladera’s Residence by Barton Myers Associates

Ladera’s Residence by Barton Myers Associates

Architects: Barton Myers Associates
Location: Montecito, California, USA
Area: 3,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Ciro Coelho

The Residence is arranged on a 1-section of land site in an ecologically touchy living space with thick vegetation and huge rocks. The system incorporates a 3,000 sf primary home, 500 sf carport and a 50′ lap pool. The principle living arrangement is split up in two wings: one incorporates the living and kitchen territories and the second incorporates the rooms, bathrooms and library.


The expectation behind the outline system is tectonic configuration examine that inventively imagines an adaptable model for mass-delivered lodging utilizing steel development and institutionalized off-the-rack modern parts. Since a dominant part of all steel is produced from scrap metals from reused vehicles it is a “green” material.


The configuration progresses ideas of versatile space while making a “pack of parts” that can be collected into 12-foot modules as a distinct option for the fabricated structures alleviating the eccentric connection of made units to adjusted land.

Montecito-Residence-03 Montecito-Residence-04 Montecito-Residence-05 Montecito-Residence-06 Montecito-Residence-07 Montecito-Residence-08 Montecito-Residence-09 Montecito-Residence-10 Montecito-Residence-20 Montecito-Residence-21

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