Franz House by BAK Architects

Franz House by BAK Architects

Architects: BAK Architects
Location: Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Year: 2010
Area: 87 sqm
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

The ground on which we ought to intercede is near the corner, is of little size and the most important information exhibited is an incline of very nearly three meters starting with one end then onto the next of a front of just 15 meters. The part itself is very much forested with oceanic pine trees of awesome size, however then the woods is dispersed suddenly. Attempt to protect the examples of the landscape was one of the states of the quest for arrangements.


The solicitation of the customers, a couple with developed youngsters, was a little place of cement of around 80m ², (for example, they had found in the spot) to be utilized primarily as a part of summer, with just two rooms of least measurements and a lavatory, in order to designate the biggest surface to the social range, in light of the fact that they needed to utilize it together with companions or with their children.


The lofty slant of the parcel, the protection that it creates in regards to the road in the vast majority of the front and the need to utilize the constrained space required diminishing however much as could reasonably be expected the flow territories of the given system, are the issues that make this house special with a useful tasteful proposition like others constructed by the studio in Mar Azul. Because of these components we chose that the best thing was to propose an extremely conservative house comprehended in two stories, which involve the littler ground surface keeping in mind the end goal to protect the biggest number of trees, while taking note of that this determination on two levels in this lofty incline ground empowered us to put in contact with the ground verging on each room in the house. Consequently we unraveled the system inside of a square floor arrangement crystal inclined toward the slant, which has been exhausted in a quarter of its volume making a mostly secured open air space with twofold tallness crossed by two pine trees of awesome size. This space, for its scale and area in connection to distinctive territories of the house, turns into the fundamental hero of this proposition.


The entrance to the house is characterized by the incompletely secured twofold tallness territory. From here and through two extensive windows, you can get to the zone created as a solitary social range with an incorporated kitchen, a little can and a stairway prompting the dozing territory. The passageway floor has its bigger sides totally covered, so it was important to get the light from the upper floor through an overhead opening on one side and through a high window in the stairwell on the other. Getting to the second floor by means of the staircase is a chance to feel the vicinity of the scene, as one of its sides, completely coated, permits the vibe of being fused into it. When upstairs, through a little passage can be gotten to a washroom with a substantial window, the visitor room neglecting the mostly secured and the fundamental room with a development to the most noteworthy part of the ground through a deck. This extension patio, high with respect to the road, appreciates the landscape marvelous perspectives and additionally protection.


The house is built of three essential materials: uncovered solid, glass and wood in the open air decks. The sections of the diverse volumes are bolstered by dividers and uncovered cement switched bars, and are done with a base slant keeping in mind the end goal to deliver a quicker water overflow. It was utilized the same cement of alternate works in Mar Azul (H21 with fluidizer) a blend with low measure of water that when manufacture make a more reduced cement. The floors are of solid screed materials isolated by plates of aluminum. The openings are of dim bronze anodized aluminum. The warming framework, since there is no common gas in the range, is understood by consolidating lizard, packaged gas stoves and electric stoves.

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