The 7,500-Square-Foot Modern Wall House by Skywardinc architects

The 7,500-Square-Foot Modern Wall House by Skywardinc architects

Architects: Skywardinc architects
Location: Nanded, Maharashtra, India
Year: 2016
Area: 7.500 ft²/ 697 m²
Photo courtesy: Skywardinc architects

“The design concept of this 7500 sq ft single family bungalow located at Nanded, Maharashtra, was derived from the owner’s requirement of wanting a house that would express his character in terms of space and form.


Therefore, the biggest challenge before us was to interpret the owner’s lifestyle and passion and bring it to reality. After much brainstorming sessions Sehool Kapashi,design Architect at Skywardinc came up with the concept of “The Wall”.


The wall stands 50feet tall, is stupendous which forms the main elevational feature of the house. In turn, it reflects the clients character of being self made and strong. Cladded with raw sandstone in an interesting vertical and linear pattern, making it the main focal element of the house .


As a house, the function areas of living room, dining room and service area are supporters for the private areas of bedrooms. The idea was developed into the building orientation by maintaining the basic elements but completely show the story, functions and context.


The building orientation was determined by wind and sun direction in which the house faces towards North South direction to get wind and for viewing, and let the side faces to the sunlight from West.


The cantilever has designed on first floor to present challenging and adventuresome. The benefit of cantilever is for shading the void on ground floor.


House was designed around a central corridor created with glass ceiling that allow natural sunlight to spill into the centre of each of the 3-stories. The house utilizes the central corridor as a horizontal and vertical circulation passage with rooms on either side of it on each of the 3 stories. With the corridor centrally located, the sunlight passively lights up the otherwise windowless area.


Each bed room is designed meticulously and thoughtfully, reflecting the individuality and persona of the family member occupying it, be it the luxurious master bed, the minimalistic and sleek sons room, the delicately done up daughters adobe or be it the vibrant guest room.”

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