Wall House by AGi architects

Wall House by AGi architects

Architects: AGi architects
Location: Khaldiya, Kuwait
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Nelson Garrido

“As in the famous Lewis Carroll tale, Wall House is not what it seems. Is it a fortress that closes itself to the world? Or is it an isolated place that avoids all communication with the exterior? Not at all! Wall House communicates with its formalized solid skin, an existing concern in the city. It is the expression of those thoughts: “the all judging peeping tom”, “windows that looks towards the place where nobody wants to be watched”, “opened facades show only false and preconceived realities”.


Wall House is the physical expression of a family’s life; a large shell protecting everyone that inhabits it. This shell embraces four patios which are developed three dimensionally. It allows the inhabitants to enjoy infinite freedoms internally, the patios, as air bites; penetrate to the terraces and the most intimate rooms.


A large lattice develops into the volume and creates a welcoming area, in the public ground level. This skin encloses the guest living room which is surrounded by gardens and terraces. Away from any uncomfortable view, at this same level, the family shares their own private luminous oasis.


The three daughters can develop their private life around three patios into the highest level of the house. A shared living room is extended to the terrace where in the mild weather nights, friends and family can relax, chat, eat and socialize. The open air terrace is connected with the mother’s private garden on the lower level without any visual connections.


Cantilevered terraces and gardens are protected by shade, just as in an oasis in the desert. Vegetation and greenery are able to grow and climb freely on all the different levels.


The house creates free zones where exploration may occur, allowing its inhabitants to know their selves better, ultimately protecting themselves to become free.”

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