LB4 House in Piura, Peru by Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos

LB4 House in Piura, Peru by Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos

Architects: Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos
Location: Piura, Peru
Year: 2015
Area: 3,391 ft²/ 315 m²
Photo courtesy: Fernando Barranzuela Ramírez

This project was produced under the imperatives given by the customer and the compelling temperatures and atmosphere in the city of Piura. In light of the customer’s needs, a minimal house was fitting yet so as to guarantee the house stayed cool in compelling warmth, we chose to turn the volume to be parallel to the longest side of the parcel.


From here, cross ventilation was amplified and the house was ensured against the quality of evening sun. The outcome is a prolonged volume amidst the plot which appreciates the open space from every one of the rooms inside of the house. At last, the patio is a coterminous space to the bigger yet minimized volume, accordingly giving it a particular position to the greenery enclosure.


The smaller volume, the primary house, is both strong and unitary in character. The solid structure serves as a parasol for both the upper and lower levels of the house.


Close to the veneer of the volume, a punctured divider made out of solid pieces was raised, which permits air to course to the patio and greenery enclosure. The last emphasize on the divider is its splendid shading, green, with an end goal to bridle daylight to heighten its subtleties.


This venture incorporates a pre-patio passage, vaulted roofs in the lounge room, lounge area and porch (on people in general side). Additionally on the ground floor, we discover a kitchen, visitor washroom, visitor room, clothing zone and 2 auto carport. Upstairs, the vaulted roof offers route to the family room and 3 rooms, all with ensuite lavatory, alongside each other in succession.

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