Sammakorn House in Bangkok by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

Sammakorn House in Bangkok by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

Architects: Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2013
Area: 7,696 ft²/ 715 m²
Photo courtesy: Casaviva Thailand

Situating beside the lake in a vast lodging advancement venture in the suburb of Bangkok, the back of this house is generally opened to a beautiful scene. For this house, the back is not capacity, cleaning range or shrouded space but rather a room, a lounge room and the unwinding zones.


These rooms are put on the three stories for the tenants to appreciate the perspective with a yard and a lake. Confronting west bearing, the front of the house by the passage is utilized as useful spaces. Aluminum slate boards are hung on the mass of the second and the third floors to obstruct the daylight. The little fishpond amidst the house isolates the gathering zone from the lounge area yet in the meantime, makes an association between the two spaces by seeing over this water court.


This water court is an open space that permits normal light to sparkle in and urges the tenants to take a gander at the sky day and night, giving the more happy with feeling. In the first outline, a level rooftop deck would cover this house however a hipped rooftop supplanted it since elderly relatives were worried with having conventional frame and lodging climate. Yet the glossy aluminum composites roof makes, pretty much, a cutting edge touch for the house.

Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-03 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-04 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-05 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-06 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-07 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-08 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-09 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-10 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-11 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-12 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-13 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-14 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-15 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-16 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-17 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-18 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-19 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-20 Sammakorn-House-in-Bangkok-by-Archimontage-Design-Fields-Sophisticated-21

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