Band House by Cynthia Seinfield

Band House by Cynthia Seinfield

Architects: Cynthia Seinfield
Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2012
Area: 9,149 ft²/ 850 m²
Photo courtesy: Jannet Arevalo

Our activities endeavor to make various methods for inhabitability as a social director, as well as an empowering agent of human associations and sudden connections past instantly utility.


We look to amplify the physical limits through the connections in the middle of private and open.. This task merges the spatial void as an instrument that support encounters through a spatial grouping in type of contiguous yards in various levels. The detachment of limits creates new holding and spatial connections.


The house originates from creating a focal open space, a section yard, which offers ascend to a spatial succession in three levels. Having the vertical course as a part of the succession, the undertaking fortify the likelihood of interconnected aggregate movement. This winding open space is created by a cadenced particular band with a specific end goal to incite the relationship outside – inside. The yards are the vital part of the house as the conventional lodging typoligy in Lima.

Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-03 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-04 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-05 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-06 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-07 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-08 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-09 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-10 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-11 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-12 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-13 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-14 Band-House-by-Cynthia-Seinfield-15

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