Enseada House by Arquitetura Nacional

Enseada House by Arquitetura Nacional

Architects: Arquitetura Nacional
Location: Xangri-Lá – RS, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 3,412 ft²/ 317 m²
Photo courtesy: Marcelo Donadussi

The project was conceived from the solicitation of a youthful family for a shoreline house to lay on the weekends and occasions. Xangri-lá is a well known destination for some individuals amid the mid year in southern Brazil. Consequently, as an excursion predetermination, the task pointed the greatest mix between the family and their guests.


Once the part is situated in a townhouse, no entryways were vital. This, consolidated with the decent perspective of a lake, drove the designers to take advantage of the encompassing scene. The production of shaded and liquids open spaces was the arrangement embraced in this venture.


Concerning the volumetry of the building, the decision was for immaculate materials with little obstructions. The house has two fundamental volumes made of various materials – wood and cement. They are stacked, making two huge auxiliary overhangings. Exploiting these shaded zones, the living spaces can be extended by season. The association between these volumes is made through the staircase, which is totally secured remotely by greenery. The marble boards in the room windows fortifies the upper solid volume.


With a tight timetable, the configuration and development were executed in under a year. In this way, like never before, the utilization of the BIM device was demonstrated significant. In the wake of making the reasonable outline, there was a period of preparatory enumerating, where all materials and suppliers were characterized and every single conceivable collaboration examined inside and out. So when the official undertaking was produced, there were no noteworthy changes that could have trade off the introductory calendar.

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