Ellis Residence by McClean Design

Ellis Residence by McClean Design

Architects: McClean Design
Location: Laguna Beach, California, USA
Year: 2014
Area: 3,500 sqft
Photo courtesy: McClean Design

Our customers needed to move to a littler home now that their youngsters had moved out and picked a road to road part high on a slope sitting above Laguna Beach and its popular shorelines. The excellence of this property is that perspectives are accessible from both levels. A key issue was attempting to choose where to find stopping and passage. There was early resistance from the neighborhood audit board which prompted a split arrangement where stopping is taken from the road underneath with visitors entering from above. The carport can be come to by staircase or lift guaranteeing that the house will keep on working for our customers as they become more established.


Expelling the carport from the upper road permitted us to make an alluring greenery enclosure for the kitchen to watch out on. The gateway is come to by a staircase that crosses a water highlight before the perspective is uncovered. The house is intended for the couple to live for the most part on one level which has the main room imparting the top floor to the essential living spaces while visitor rooms, an office, and capacity are made beneath.

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