Sarbonne Road Residence by McClean Design

Sarbonne Road Residence by McClean Design

Architects: McClean Design
Location: Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA
Area: 13,000 square foot
Photos: Hilton & Hyland

This is a huge home of roughly 13,000sf situated on a precarious and troublesome part in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The objective of the undertaking was to make an expansive warm contemporary home and to amplify the level range of accessible area.


The cushion is stretched out by pushing the lap pool to the limits of the part and crating a level region between the house and the pool. A huge carport is situated beneath the house making a round passage court with a stair and water divider driving the path to the section.


The house comprises of a few excitement rooms on the lower level and joins a few rooms and a library, media room, cleaning specialists quarters and wine room.

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