Top 5 Popular Interior Design Trends

Top 5 Popular Interior Design Trends in 2021

Trends in interior design are changing all the time; the solutions that were popular a couple of years ago may be not so relevant this or the next year. If you want to upgrade the look and feel of your apartment and create more than just a comfortable setting, here are some of rends that designers think will be most relevant in 2021 and 2022. Pick the one that you like most of all and arrange your home premises in the way you like. In case you have no idea of what interior design to choose, you can always use virtual staging software from the spotless agency – visualize different design options before you make the final choice!

What Interior Design to Choose in 2021?

Designers know that trends in interior design reflect the events that take place around us. The pace and lifestyle of people affect the way they would like to see their home. Trends in interior design are rarely completely replaced. Most often, they are either merged or slightly adjusted to the general trends in the lifestyle of people. In the realities of the modern world, functional minimalism, Scandinavian style, and loft are some of the trends that are sitting pretty today. Let’s dive deep into the specs and features of each of them.

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1. Loft Aesthetics

This style originated in the industrial neighborhoods of New York. A couple of years ago, the former factory premises were attractive thanks to their low price, quickly settled down by representatives of bohemians, and turned into cultural sites. Today, loft apartments are in demand among successful young businessmen; some premises are even rented out for offices. The classic elements of the industrial-urban style are high ceilings, huge windows, brick walls, open pipes, and ventilation systems. If this is what you like, consider loft aesthetics in the interior of your flat.

2. Functional Minimalism

Minimalism is characterized by simplicity, practicality, and restraint in design. Interiors reflecting this style will not be suitable for collectors and people with a penchant for collecting items. The main idea of functional minimalism is a lot of free space, the minimum of decorative elements, and functional furniture of simple geometric shapes. Fancy decorative ornaments and massive curtains are not something that reflects minimalism in interiors. A couple of paintings will be enough to decorate the walls, while blinds or light curtains are more suitable for windows.

The minimalistic color scheme is usually monochrome – a combination of two basic colors and a minimal amount of bright accents are what distinguishes functional minimalism. When it comes to finishing, designers recommend using natural materials, such as wood, natural stone, brick, etc. Ornaments, patterns, bas-reliefs, and other complex designs are never a part of minimalist floor and ceiling designs. Functional minimalism is best suited for the interior of small apartments – it will help to visually increase the space and use it rationally.

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3. Scandinavian Style

The people of the Nordic countries are used to the harsh climate and long winters. The abundance of pastel shades and natural materials helps them to make the house cozier and warmer. The main color of the interior made in a Scandinavian style is white. It unites all zones and fills the rooms with light. If this is what you are trying to achieve, then it is better to leave windows without textiles or opt for translucent fabrics. Cotton and linen are also suitable, but it is better to refuse frills and ruffles.

 You can liven up the space with rugs, lampshades, and decorative pillows in bright colors. Another sign of the Scandinavian style is a large number of floor lamps, wall sconces, candles, etc. The use of Scandinavian style has no restrictions – it can work well for both a country house and an apartment in a multi-level building.

The global trend towards sustainability has made the Scandinavian style one of the most popular. As in minimalism, practical furniture with a laconic design prevails here. To decorate rooms in Scandinavian style, you can use flower arrangements in glass vases, mirrors, candles, ceramics, and marine-themed paintings. 


Final Verdict!

There is no good or bad in interior designs. It is important to create a home setting that you feel comfortable in. Instead of chasing trends, you should better follow your tastes and preferences.

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